Famous Porn Stars: Past and Present

Adult film has made some of its actors into famous porn stars. Some of the classic male and female porn stars have become household names. Through the media, pornographic film actors have made the leap from simply adult film into the mainstream. PornStar Finder presents you the famous porn stars of past and present.

Famous Female Porn Stars

Famous Male Porn Stars

Do you have what it takes to become an adult actor?

Here is PornStar Finder’s checklist:
  1. Take the Adult Industry Medical STD test.
  2. Be confident and unique.
  3. Prepare for your type of pornographic film: the wilder the genre, the higher the pay!
  4. Categorize your looks and assets, see where you will fit. Research the different companies searching for male or female porn stars.
  5. Have an abundance of luck on your side.

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